Thursday, June 26, 2008

England's New Zealand Tour Sex Scandal: David Strettle "pressed all the right buttons" Of Sophie Lewis

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NZ Tour sex Scandal: Sophie LewisSophie Lewis sensationally reveals that the "RAMPANT RABBIT" who bedded her at the team hotel was winger David Strettle.

"He pressed all the right buttons and kissed me in all the right places," she says. "He was so energetic."

But Strettle was missing from England's latest humiliating defeat in New Zealand yesterday with a hamstring injury.
ALICE'S SEX WONDERLAND: David was fantastic says Sophie.

The 22-year-old beauty—known as Angel—also tells how players didn't have to sneak girls back from a sleazy club for sex on the night of the alleged rape.

That's because they were FERRIED there in a minibus laid on by the OFFICIAL MINDERS supposed to be keeping an eye on the team's behaviour.

Sophie, who had been at a fancy dress bash, also details the EIGHT-HOUR BOOZE SESSION of a team who have now been hammered twice by the All Blacks on their New Zealand tour of shame.

And she says Harlequins ace Strettle, 24, even BRAGGED to her after their marathon sex session that another FIVE of his team-mates had been scoring that night too.

Sophie, 22, said: "My England man put rampant rabbits to shame—even though he'd been drinking all night," said 22-year-old Sophie.

"We did it all night long before he got up at eight to go for physio. He was probably still drunk then.
NZ Tour sex Scandal: David Strettle
"His body was pretty much a perfect 10. He was such an accomplished lover and we did it in every position imaginable. But maybe he shouldn't have been behaving like this on an international rugby tour.

"And although it was just about the best sex I've ever had—it's not something that will go down well with the fans."

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Blogger AntoinedelaTremoille said...

Everybody who has some common sense will agree with Cipriani’s support for Martin Johnson’s decision regarding the punishment of those players, like David Strettle, which behaved in such shameful way in New Zealand. Rugby is a sport that makes archetypes of life, teaches how to behave and act in community, the sense of belonging to a team, which has common goals. Rugby is a sport, which individualism is against the essence of it or I am mistaken? What they had done was outrageous. But in spite of this conclusion, I want to remind you that in most sports you have the same kind of athletes, who are convinced that they are some sort of super heroes, and they have a “fatal attraction” or a unique “sex appeal” for certain ladies. Tennis is one, but polo is the worst of all, alongside with rugby and football. Polo players like rugby players are being chased by women all the time and many of them love it. But when you represent your country, you must forget that you are a possible Casanova and behave properly honouring your nation. This is a great privilege, which cannot be stained by young guys who do not know what kinds of responsibility are carrying with them. That’s why I totally disagree with Max Guazzini of Stade Français and his “dieux du stade”, which promotes promiscuity amongst rugby players, this show should be forbidden by the rugby unions in each country, France in first place. Last but not least David should be expelled from the English national team with his dirty companions, or at least receive a punishment which will not allow them to play for two years.

July 4, 2008 at 1:57 AM


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