Monday, June 16, 2008

EPL Fixtures For 2008-2009 Season-Part 1

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The fixture for the new season of EPL has been published. Heres what I could collect:

15t August: Arsenal (in Emirates Stadium) against newly promoted West Bromwich Albion

15th August: Chelsea v/s Portsmouth

August 16: Manchester United against Newcastle United

September 13: Liverpool againt Manchester United

September 20: Chelsea against Manchester United

October 25: Chelsea v/s Liverpool

November 29: Arsenal v/s Chelsea

December 20: Arsenal v/s Liverpool

January 10: Manchester United v/s Chelsea

January 31: Liverpool v/s Chelsea

March 14: Manchester United take on Liverpool

April 18: Liverpool v/s Arsenal

May 9: Chelsea v/s Arsenal

May 24: Arsenal v/s Stoke City

I will update my blog on EPL fixtures as soon as I gather information.

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