Friday, July 4, 2008

The Harry Kewell - Galatasaray Mess

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Harry Kewell signing up for Galatasaray seems to have created quite a ripple in the world wide web. My last post was obviously caused by a random feeling of nostalgia in me. However, it seems that incurred a similar yet different feeling to Silverback. It is his comment that made me sit back and think a while about my own words.

He wrote to me

Not sure where you get your info from but I don't know of any Leeds fans who are 'stunned' and I live in Leeds.

Clubs are not responsible for the actions of the hooligan element of their fans so why would an incident from 8 years ago stop Kewell signing for Galatasaray when his future obviously did not lie with Liverpool.

I worked for a long time with the brother of one of those killed. I read about Kewell moving to Turkey and the incident never even entered MY mind until reading this post. Sounds more like making assumptions and stirring up trouble to me.

Good luck to him as he'll need it in Turkey without the need to mention old history.

I did a bit of research and it was my turn to get "stunned" to see several newsflashes coming up alomost every hour which shouts out various news about Harry Kewell signing up for Galatasaray. According to : agent denies Galatasaray deal (posted 4 hours ago), according to ABC Online, Australia: Kewell headed to Turkey, not Beijing (posted 7 hours ago) and according to AFP Google: Kewell misses Olympics to sign with Galatasaray (posted 5 hours ago).

In this digital age of open journalism, rumours and news seem to have mingled up obscuring a clear vision. My post was not to hurt any sentiments or directed to remind some painful past. Neither was it intended to stir up trouble. Even I wish good luck to Harry Kewell and thank Silverback for opening my eyes and reminding me of responsibilities as a blogger in the platform of open journalism.

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