Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Chinese Sex Symbol : The Anonymous Guardian Of The Olympics Torch

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Second Brother on the Right : Chinese Sex Symbol"Second Brother on the Right" because of his customary position by the flame but anonymous guardian of the Olympics torch has won the hearts of Chinese female fans and plenty of marriage proposals. This young man with cropped hair is now an nationalist hero in China.

With his Olympic blue-and-white uniform, this guy is everywhere in the Chinese media, with some fans likening him to Lei Feng, an idolized soldier of the Mao Zedong era.

He gained his popularity as he was defending the torch from pro-free Tibet protests on its international tour before reaching China for the Games.

Tiring of China's new wave of pop and TV stars, fans have idealized "Second Brother" as representing ancient values.

"They praised him for his 360-degree handsome look, well-built body in perfect proportion, refined and exemplary postures, smile and courtesy to torch bearers, his pals and audience, and determination to safeguard the Olympic spirit," reads his entry in the Wikipedia web database.

"We love him not only because he is so handsome but because he represents the pride of China," one female blogger wrote.
Picture Courtsey: Reuters Photo

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