Thursday, April 22, 2010

Alexandra Kosteniuk in Bogota for 'Champions for Peace'

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Alexandra Kosteniuk
Bogota and Medellin, yesterday, experienced a hundreds of low-income children of Puerto Tejada had the chance to play with world chess champion, Russia's Alexandra Kosteniuk.

With this activity, Kosteniuk gave opening in this county to 'Chess for Peace', a program of the organization Peace and Sport, which is implemented in the country for Colombianitos Foundation.

"I am very happy to belong to the group 'Champions for Peace', I believe that children are the future and I am convinced that through these programs the only wars that are going to see are those submitted on chessboards "said excited the Russian sportsman.

In this way, the program "Chess for Peace 'aims to promote the sport science in conflict areas to reduce violence in marginalized sectors of society.

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