Thursday, July 22, 2010

One Night Stand: Mom of Jr. Cristiano Ronaldo is an American Waitress

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Cristiano RonaldoJunior Cristinao Ronaldo's mom has been revealed. She is an American waitress who became pregnant after a one-night stand with the Portuguese football superstar Cristinao Ronaldo last year.

It was supposed to beleive that Ronaldo used a surrogate mother to have his baby – but the truth was revealed on 19th July, 2010. Reports said that Ronaldo had paid the waitress $15 million to keep quiet and give up rights to the child on the condition that she would not reveal her identity and would hand the child over to Ronaldo's family.

Ronaldo has given his own first name to the newborn, and will not tell him details about his mother until his 18th birthday. (as per

This Portuguese international met her in a Los Angeles restaurant during a trip to the U.S. last summer, charming her with the line: 'Me, you, **** ****', it was reported.

When she failed to understand his direct approach, Ronaldo drew a love heart on a misted-up window and said: 'Me, you, kiss!'

They slept together at his hotel later that night and when she discovered she was pregnant she tracked him down through his agent, Jorge Mendes, according to the Sunday Mirror.

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