Monday, June 23, 2008

10-Years Back (21st June 1998): USA Lost To Iran In World Cup

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Iran Soccer : toomanyballsTen years ago, 21st June 1998, Iran stunned the World beating USA national soccer team 2-1 in France' 98 World Cup. This 2-1 win against USA in World Cup 1998 was the first and last victory by the Iranian team in World Cup Finals. This vistory took place at Gerland Stadium in Lyon in fornt of 44,000 crowd. The victory was Iran's first in World Cup history.

Before Iran's victory (21st June 1998), Asia's four teams lost all their 7 encounters 1-16.

Iran opened the soring with Estili and the second was scored by Mahdavikia. McBride of USA scored the only goal for USA in the match.

The teams exchanged jerseys after the match, but Iranian players broke a tradition and carried the opposing jerseys off the field in their hands instead of putting them on.

"It is a big victory for the Iranian nation, not because it was the United States, but because it was Iran's first World Cup win." - Iran coach Jalal Talebi.

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