Friday, June 27, 2008

Couple OF Snapshots of Wayne Rooney's honeymoon

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Wayne Rooney's Honeymoon
Wayne Rooney's Honeymoon Pictures of the England player having a crafty pool-side wheeze on a cigarette are bound to dismay Ferguson.

This, of course, is not the first time Rooney's vices have courted media attention, but the sight of one of the country's leading professional sportsmen sucking on a cancer stick is likely to baffle as much as disappoint.

Rooney is on his honeymoon and generous observers might suggest that he could be forgiven a relaxing drag after certain exertions. The glaring, alabaster sheen of his torso in the pictures certainly suggest that, as is traditional on such occasions, he hasn't seen a great deal of daylight on the trip – though Colleen's teak-rich tan suggests that she at least has found opportunity to soak up some sun.

Such is his media profile that Rooney is likely to come in for stern criticism for his habit. Fair or not, Rooney is charged by many to be a role model for his adoring young fans.

And, surely, smoking is incompatible with a successful career as a footballer. Well, not quite. Though smoking rates amongst footballers are lower than the general population it is still prevalent.

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