Monday, October 20, 2008

World Chess Championship : 4th Game : Draw

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World Chess Championship : 4th GameDefending champion Viswanathan Anand of India played to a 29-move draw with Russian challenger Vladimir Kramnik on Saturday in the fourth game of their world chess championship match.
Anand leads the 12-game match 2.5-1.5. He won the third game in spectacular style on Friday after the two men drew their opening games.

Saturday's draw was a tame affair in comparison with the previous day's game.

Anand had the white pieces and the opening was the solid Queen's Gambit Declined. As often happens in this opening, Black wound up with an isolated d-pawn and White had only the slightest chance of an advantage.

Kramnik summed the opening up after the game by saying that "White has to be very precise" to have an advantage. "One inaccurate move and it's a draw."

Indeed, Anand said that "Black was fairly comfortable" coming out of the opening.

The position seemed to be headed for a draw almost from the beginning. There was the usual maneuvering around the isolated pawn as White tried to prove that it was a weakness and Black tried to liquidate it.

News Courtsey: Associated Press

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