Thursday, April 29, 2010

Aimee Watkins, Stephanie Rice Rated World's Sexiest Sportswoman

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Lindsay Vonn (Skier), Stephanie Rice (Swimmer), Nicole Vaidisova (Tennis), Aimee Watkins (Cricketer)
New Zealand women's cricket captain Aimee Watkins has been rated among the world's 64 hottest female athletes alongside American skier Lindsay Vonn, Aussie swimmer Stephanie Rice and Czech tennis player Nicole Vaidisova.

27-year-old Watkins admitted the ratings by Yahoo!Xtra came as surprise, as she does not consider herself as one of the world's sexiest sportswomen.

"I didn't know anything about it," Watkins said. "I've seen it now. Mum gave me a call and she was pretty excited and told me to go on and have a look. Since then I've had a bit of stick but, oh well. It's all a bit foreign to me."

Sports editor of Yahoo!Xtra, Mike Kilpatrick, the main driving force behind the idea of finding the sexiest sportswoman, said he had been following Aimee Watkins' career since he was at university and she seemed like a natural choice for the top 64.

"We equally appreciate field talent as much as their looks," he said. "I consider Aimee one of the foremost talents in women's cricket.

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