Wednesday, June 23, 2010

6-4-0 Tactics? Greece Should Play 2 Goalkeepers

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Yesterday, while watching the match between Argentina and Greece, I thought what on Earth did their coach put Samaras in striker position, even Samaras was defending. There were 4 center backs, and add to that 2 full-backs, I mean that was their do or die match and coach Oto Rehegaal made them play such an ultra defensive game? The full backs were sometimes finding it really difficult to pass forward as all the players were in their half and in the same line. There was even a miss kick from their goalkeeper directly to the body of their own defender.

One real chance Greece got though Samaras was miskicked by the player...I mean you know your player's quality and taking that into account, you planned an ultradefensive strategy. Greece, in real sense was playing with 6-4-0 tactics. Even a FIFA 105 Ranked team, North Korea was not soooooo defensive with Brazil or Portugal. They have put North Korea to shame also. Even a 37-year old Palermo scored a goal against that worse defensive strategy Greece.

I think what would be the scoreline if any day Greece plays with Italy? I think all the FIFA ranked nations should appeal to FIFA to give Greece the permission to play 2 goalkeepers in any international match, atleast then the strikers would have some job to do. How on earth Greece made it to the WC finals..God knows!

So, in the end, I would like to briefly summarize the match:

1) Greece was playing with 4 center backs and 2 full backs...and they were playing in a do-or-die game.

2) Their striker was also defending.

3) All nations should appeal to FIFA to make Greece play 2 goalkeepers in a match.

4) Greece was playing 6-4-0 game.

5) Even North Korea was also not that defensive against Brazil or Portugal.

6) With that defensive strategy also, Greece concedes a goal from a 37-year old Argentine sriker Palermo.

7) How on Earth, Greece made it to the WC finals?

8) I want to apply for the position of Greece National Team coach. :D

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