Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stephanie Rice, Queensland Cricket, Brisbane Lions Helps 5-year-old Zachary Archer

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Zachary ArcherAustralian Olympian swimmer Stephanie Rice is leading from the front for a noble cause. She is leading to help 5-year-old Zachary Archer who becomes the first Australian to receive cutting-edge cord-blood therapy in a US trial.

Five-year-old schoolboy Zachary Archer, who had suffered a stroke aged four months will travel to North Carolina’s Duke University in September for the ground-breaking treatment.

If successful, the cord-blood therapy will reduce muscle spasticity in Zachary’s right side caused by cerebral palsy and ease epileptic seizures.

Rice has donated a signed Australian tracksuit as the Archer family muster items to be pitched at a fundraiser for Zachary. Organisations such as Queensland Cricket and the Brisbane Lions, along with a variety of local businesses, including Stefan Hair and Westfield, have contributed to the school disco fundraiser at StDympna’s Primary School in Aspley on September 3.

But the medical treatment is expensive, with the Archer family not expecting to see any change from $40,000.
To donate, phone Mr Archer on 0403698866.

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