Thursday, June 19, 2008

Raymond Domenech Proposes Estelle Denis After French Loss

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Estelle DenisFrench coach Raymond Domenech today proposed to his girlfriend, live on France's M6 TV station, moments after his team France lost to Italy 2-0.

"Yes, forgive me. It was an error in communication," Domenech said Wednesday. "I felt a moment of humanity when I should have stayed cold and professional. Behind my outer shell, I felt the need to tell people that I love them."

In the show Domenech was questioned that if he would resign as a coach, but instead of answering the question, he said he intended to marry his girlfriend, television presenter Estelle Denis.

"I have only one project, which is to marry Estelle," Domenech answered. "I told myself that there are beautiful things in life. It's good to tell someone that you love them."

But today Domenech insisted that it was not a pre-determined ploy to avoid answering questions.

"It was a moment of spontaneity, of sincerity, of total emotion," Domenech said.

Estelle Denis, has been with Domenech for years. The couple have two kids, Victoire and Merlin.

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