Thursday, November 20, 2008

Diego Maradona Starts With a WIN - Scotland 0 Argentina 1 - Pictures

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Diego Maradona starts of his coaching career with a 1-0 win against Scotland: Pictures
Diego Maradona : Argentina's Coach
Diego Maradona against Scotland
Diego Maradona
Diego Maradona and Fernando GagoDiego Maradona and Fernando Gago after the match against Scotland

Diego Maradona made his debut as Argentina's coach Wednesday (19th Nov, 2008), his team beating Scotland 1-0 in an exhibition game in the stadium where he scored the first goal of his extraordinary international career.

Maxi Rodriguez scored in the eighth minute at Hampden Park for an Argentina.

The datum that Argentina had enjoyed 73 per cent of possession to the Scots' 27 per cent in the first ten minutes of the match was a statistic that told no lie. Instead, the figure was an entirely true illustration of the visitors' superiority, which they themselves substantiated with the goal that gave them their early lead.

The home players, as usual, could not be accused of a lack of energy and commitment, but their best chance of achieving their objective seemed for most of the time to reside in the unsafe hands of Carrizo. The Lazio goalkeeper gave another example of his unreliability from a corner kick that, with a kinder bounce of the ball, would have brought the Scots level.

Picture Courtesy: Google AFP Pictures

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